High End Luxury Wedding & Special Event Decor & Design

Are you a special event planner, an invitation designer, or a floral designer? If so you've come to the right place. We can design what's needed to make your event a success. When you need custom designed products for birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings, NOLRAM BAK can bring your ideas to life. We understand how important it is to have that special day, a day to remember. At NOLRAM BAK we can work with you to bring what some may feel impossible, to life. We've worked and continue to work with some of the best designers in the Atlanta area, and we're waiting to work with (YOU) too. 

Master Acrylic Designer

Acrylic engraving and cutting is an art. It requires tons of patience and working knowledge of the best concepts of engraving to ensure a successful outcome. As a high dollar luxury event item, efficiency and product count maximization is paramount when working with acrylic. At NOLRAM BAK we work with acrylic sheets as small as 12x24 and sheets as large as 49x97 in size to increase productivity and reduce turn times from changing sheets for bulk orders. For many of the reasons just listed, some have dubbed us as the acrylic masters. We're so serious about the acrylic design and production, that we now stock silver and gold acrylic in house.

One Stop Shop Stationery & Decor Manufacturing

We are your "one stop shop" for rigid stationery manufacturing. Not only will we continue to provide custom laser cutting and engraving, we will also provide digital printing directly onto acrylic, wood, pvc, foamboard, photoboard, metal, and more providing you with a one stop shop service! This will simplify your design of invites, menus, escort cards, and custom wedding favors with added features such as embossed printed 3D textured prints. 



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Wholesale direct with no middlemen. We do everything in house, so you get the absolute best price for custom work available. Ever ordered some custom acrylic and thought you could have gotten more product out of that sheet, but didn't? It's more to laser cutting and cnc routing than just owning one, it's about being or having an engineering mindset. You have to understand engineering principles and sometimes be a math major. At NOLRAM BAK we use some of the most sophisticated software and equipment on the market. We use powerful nesting software to make sure we get the most product possible from the material, and that we keep waste to an absolute minimum.

When you're a professional, it only makes sense to use a professional. When you're ready, you know where to find us. 

NOLRAM BAK Engineering

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  • Custom printed wood, acrylic, acm, pvc wedding decor
  • Custom printed save the date decor
  • Custom printed escort cards
  • Custom printed acrylic place cards 
  • Custom printed invitation tags
  • Custom printed invitations
  • Custom wooden signs, names, and phrases
  • Custom acrylic signs, names, phrases
  • Custom laser cut table names
  • Custom laser cut escort cards
  • Custom laser cut wedding invitations
  • Custom wood and acrylic cake toppers
  • Custom wood and acrylic table numbers 
  • Custom wood and acrylic cupcake toppers
  • Custom cut acrylic for wedding invitations
  • Custom laser engraved wedding invitations
  • Custom laser engraved wedding monograms
  • Custom laser engraved and cut wedding invitation tags
  • Custom laser engraved wood and acrylic menus
  • Custom laser engraved save the date items
  • Custom laser engraved bridesmaid invitations
  • Custom laser engraved wedding favors & gifts


  • Lead times on custom orders are 2-4 weeks
  • Recommended to order 4 weeks in advance
  • Rush service is available when possible on products needed in hand within 7 days or less


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