This was a project that was presented to us via DP3 Architects of Greenville South Carolina. This was an idea that the designers had in mind for their lobby decor when you enter the new city hall that Travelers Rest was building. They weren't sure if it was possible and neither were we at first, but after a few design changes and suggestions we were able to pull this "shiplap" wall off. Large format engraving is possible, but not common, because most laser shops are either too small or too large where their focus is laser cutting metal. At NOLRAM BAK we serve everything small up to the medium laser markets. This was still a challenge for us because at the staggered length of this shiplap wall, it was still larger than our laser. The total staggered length was 12 feet. 

How We Did It!

One of the great things about NOLRAM BAK is that we use AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, and a ton of other design and manufacturing software everyday. We first had to line up the stagger wall to DP3 CAD drawings. We set everything up, clamped, and marked to create our own puzzle setup. We are a small shop and our space is very limited so after the puzzle was created, we took everything apart. We took everything to our laser and set everything back up and used our BESSEY 50 inch K-Body REVOlution clamps to hold everything together. With the setup time and laser runtime, it took over 12 hours to complete.