Custom Digital Printing

Digital printing is available for many industries in many forms. We have the ability to make board prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, wood prints, and more. It allows NOLRAM BAK to provide custom one of kind products to decor industries such as wedding and event planning. It gives us the ability to produce custom interior decor products for both home and commercial areas as well. It's pretty much impossible to list all of our print capabilities, but just scroll down below to see just some of the things that NOLRAM BAK can do for you.



Souvenirs and Giftware

Let us print your designs onto wedding gifts, small souvenirs, earthenware, art frames and hundreds of other exciting giftware items. Finish them off with gloss for sophisticated embossed effects.  


Specialized Signs and Larger Items

Don't hold back your imagination. Let the NOLRAM BAK take your creativity to new heights. Print on tabletops, delicately crafted wood signs, game pieces, or clocks...the possibilities are virtually endless!

Realistic and Accurate Package Prototypes

With all of the options available today, creating accurate packaging proofs and prototypes has become more challenging than ever. Whether it's a box, bag, label or shrink film, NOLRAM BAK can make it happen!

Product Design, Packaging and Parts

We can produce production-standard graphics for toys, sports gear, control panels and more. Variable data printing allows us to mark each product or part with individual serial and lot numbers. 

Print onto Objects with Curves and Contours

We can print around the complex curves and contours of an object. From trophies to keychains, choosing us is ideal for promotional item customization.

Parts, Packaging and Products

Add graphics to packaging, models, toys, control panels and more and create production-quality product designs. 



Consumer and Industrial Products

For product designers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, we customize a wide variety of products from toys and sports items to cosmetic cases and control panels. Variable data printing allows you to mark each product or part with individual serial and lot numbers.



Glass and Other Trophy Personalization

Add full color to glass and acrylic awards as well as wooden plaques. 



More examples of the many things we can print

Wedding décor (menus, invites, save the date, invitation tags, chargers)
Specialty or personalized items
USB drive decoration
Printed canvas
Component pieces
Smartphone covers
Personalized writing instruments
Wayfinding / safety signage
Business card holders
Water bottles
Wine bottles
Decorative panels
Binder covers
Announcement boards
Membrane switch panels
Industrial applications
and more…

*Size restrictions may apply

 Contact us for your custom project.