When Kris, owner of Artisan Soap Bars, reached out to us, he needed to meet immediately. He brought an existing display to us and wanted it duplicated asap. We had no problem duplicating it, but after talking with Kris and looking at his brand, we felt it needed more. The brand needed a display designed just for it that promoted a natural feel. Instead of baltic birch for this project, we chose MDF because of it's stable properties and cost. He gave us full design control to come up with something new and fresh. Within a week we were in production with the new design and made the first delivery within 7 business days after we got Kris's green light. We completed the design with a combination of CNC routing, laser cutting, and laser engraving, making the brand completely ready for the retail when it left from NOLRAM BAK. All that was left for Kris and his team to do was ship it along with their awesome soap. The new design gave the brand a modern presence that stands out against the competition. His brand can be found in over 100 locations from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Kris keeps us on speed dial with new projects that we are currently working on for Artisan Soap Bars.